Help for companies,individuals, partnerships and all businesses affected by coronavirus COVID 19 

We have expert experience in business rescue and offer no-nonsense, clear advice to business owners and individuals who are in financial difficulties. Our comprehensive range of professionals covers all aspects of turnaround, recovery and insolvency solutions.

As we specialise in hospitality we have a panel of insolvency practitioners, solicitors and informal debt advice companies that have given advice and help in the hospitality and retail trade, we recommend that any business that is struggling in this sector uses an expert in this area. 

There are many reasons to use an company that has expertise in the hospitality and retail trade, one of the first questions you should first be asking is WHAT HAPPENS TO MY PERSONAL LICENCE ? This will depend on your situation and after are initial free consultation, if we feel you need expert advice on insolvency we will recommend the company that is best suited for your situation, we ensure that our customers have the ultimate choice on who to select. WE ACT FOR YOU - OUR CUSTOMERS AT ALL TIMES.


Pub and Hotel Business Solutions are not Insolvency Practitioners or Solicitors,. If Pub and Hotel Business Solutions establish after initial assessment that your company or business requires any regulated advise from either an Insolvency Practitioner or Solicitors, we will pass your details onto one of our regulated firms on our panel that is best suited to your requirements as per our Privacy Policy.